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Healing & Cultural Research Centre

World Peace Centre [WPC] aims at encouraging the traditional values and culture of our Indian Arts and culture. This also involves creating awareness in the society by showcasing the various features of our culture, make use of the platform to connect people of different origin to learn to respect each other thereby creating a sense of care and social responsibility and to promote cross cultural interaction among different cultures within the country and outside for enrichment and mutual benefit.

Together toward a common goal

  • To create an understanding and appreciation of Indian traditional arts and culture
  • To encourage intercultural artistic dialogues and collaborations between international artists, arts practitioners and local Indian artisans
  • To support, nurture and nourish emerging artists, writers and social entrepreneurs
  • To offer visibility to indigenous traditional arts and artisans, crafts and crafts-persons through the WPC.
  • To perpetuate and strengthen the cultural roots of the emerging generation world over
  • To increase the appreciation of Indian arts, heritage and crafts through education and participatory activities among young people

Let’s build a world where everyone is special and cared for.

Give A Hand To Make The Better World

Our motto is to improve Morality, Culture, Education and Make Harmony among Religions, Do Work as a Worship, and focus on Service to the Poor and the Downtrodden.

What we are doing

promote Indian culture

To promote Indian culture & values, as well as the basic principals of Indian philosophy & knowledge.

Help People

To help the people who are devoted to tradition but who lack the economic means to do so.

encourage & protect traditional arts

To encourage & protect traditional arts such as sculpture, painting, archipecture, music etc.

Get involved where it matters

Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of those in need.

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